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Serving grades K-12, each year Jefferson Academy continues to provide a quality education to students from a diverse range of backgrounds. Our primary goal is to address each student as an individual with unique strengths and needs, so that each child may reach their own maximum academic and social potential. Through our individualized learning program, mentoring, and hands-on learning, we strive to address these strengths and needs to provide opportunities for success academically, socially, and vocationally. Jefferson Academy is a free public charter school that offers a rich learning experience in a safe and secure environment.

Success in the educational system is the number one predictor of a person’s future criminality. By focusing on the three A’s of keeping kids in school – Attendance, Attachment to an adult they believe cares for them, and Achievement, kids can be rewarded for good work and build a sense of self-worth. This aims to help them become productive, well-adjusted and positive adults in their future lives. We have seen many lives changed for the better!