fNotice :

IMG_0527 IMG_0530During the week of May 9th the students participated in Community Week. They got the opportunity to meet various members of the community. On May 9th an EMT came to the school and talked to the students. They were able to go out and see an ambulance and the different tools inside of it. On Tuesday May 10th we walked to the Show Low Fire Station and were able to spend time there. The students were given a tour of the fire station as well as seeing many of the different trucks there. On Thursday May 12th we had a double dose of visits. In the morning Native Air came to the school and gave a presentation to the students about the many things they do. Then in the afternoon Officer Gilmore of the Show Low Police Department came with K9 Officer Ruger. Officer Gilmore and Ruger, along with a helper, gave the students a presentation on what a working K9 does for the police department.