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There are many many resources available for individuals looking for information about autism. On this page there are links to many of these amazing resources.


Childnett TV is an online resource established by the Dan Marino Foundation.

About Childnett.tv®
The mission of Childnett.tv® is to reach out globally to families, clinicians, and educators through the internet to provide information related to autism and other neurological disorders. Viewers can watch personal stories, therapies, and the latest medical research 24 hours a day from home, work, or wherever high-speed internet access is available – all for free. A little about the history of Childnett.tv®. Dan Marino was approached to do a web channel on football which obviously is close to his heart. However, something else was even closer. His son, Michael, diagnosed with autism, has done extremely well with early interventions. Dan, however, is quite aware that not all individuals with autism and their families have access to services. Although the Marinos’ presence is felt very strongly in South Florida, they felt the need to extend beyond those boundaries and reach people everywhere. The Dan Marino Foundation is funding Childnett.tv® to improve the lives of families around the world. It is our hope the information shown will help ensure every child with developmental disabilities reaches his or her highest potential.

1) Do I have to pay to view Childnett.tv®?

No, this is an outreach project of the Dan Marino Foundation funded by donations. The Foundation wants everyone to have access to this information.

2) Who manages and produces what we see on Childnett.tv®?

The Dan Marino Foundation has put together an Advisory Committee which includes doctors, educators, clinicians, and parents who deal with a variety of neurological disorders.

3) What will be shown?

Childnett.tv® is a 24 hour web channel. So instead of just reading great stories and lectures, you’ll get to see them. With a simple click of your computer mouse, you’ll get streaming video of therapy sessions, specialty programs, the latest research, the diagnosis process, and many other great films on relevant topics.

4) How do you decide what material is shown?

The doctors, educators, and clinicians who are part of our Advisory Committee are some of the most renowned experts in neurological disorders. The parents, living with these disorders every day, are active in a variety of support and advocacy groups. This committee will oversee the content of Childnett.tv®. Of course, we also welcome suggestions and submissions from our viewers.

5) How often will Childnett.tv® be updated? Will there be an e-mail alert when new material is added?

The Childnett® producers will be constantly working on new films and up-loading them onto the web channel. If you wish to be updated on a regular basis, please register to receive email alerts by clicking on the banner tab “register for email updates” on the home page.

6) What do I need to be able to see everything on Childnett.tv®?

All you need is a computer with internet access. For technical assistance, access information under the Technical Support tab.